Greetings viewer!

My name is Kevin, and I obsess over quality design. I studied at Columbia College in Chicago and graduated with a Bachelors in Graphic Design. Primarily, I focused on Iconology, Semiotics, Branding, Information Design, Illustration, and dabbled in Marketing. Throughout my time as an artist, I have experimented with many different types of styles until I found a niche I can call my own and thrive in. As per my art, you may be able to tell I have a strong likeness towards nerd fandoms, sci-fi, pop-culture, and of course, tattooing- all of which I try to emulate through my personality and live to see promoted. 

The symbol above can be recognized as "Grimworth's Mark." The mark itself was taken from the idea of ancient masons, woodworkers, farmers, etc that used markings and symbols to verify ownership of their products or property. The symbol has no true meaning (except to myself) - it's sole function is to be recognizable and to associate the viewer to my work.




BlackFiberGraphics is my bold and simplistic approach to quality design ranging from illustrations, graphics, layouts, documents, apparel design, and anything in between. My initial goal is to push BlackFiberGraphics into the apparel market by catering to the tattoo and streetwear genre. Using bold graphics as well as modernized traditional images, the key is to create apparel that just feels comfortable, bold, and prideful to the wearer.

Above is BlackFiberGraphics' logo; the image of complexity and retains elements of filigree to symbolize beauty and elegance as well as reflect the heavy detail often seen in tattoo styles.