Since I was able to hold a crayon, the subjects of my imagination have ended up on paper—or some surface. Most subjects or concepts I draw now lean more towards the "abstract" or "surreal" or "edgy" spectrum and usually remain black and gray with a hint of color. More recently, I discovered my love for pointillism or stippling style artwork. Stippling is a time-consuming drawing method, but the results end with a rich texture and contrast depth.

In addition to hand-drawing, I’ve utilized mixed media to create various prints that I sell on my Etsy shop. Most prints are generally pop culture or science fiction related, while some are original works based on no media background. 


Many designs I do have no intended application but can be applied to many depending on the style it represents. (Prints, Stickers, T-shirts, other Apparel, etc.) Most of the time, the graphics are simply inspired by other works, styles, or common trends in society that gain traction.

Branding & Identity

Throughout College, I focused on Semiotics & Iconography which helped me understand how we, as humans, understand and recognize symbols, colors, and the correlation between the two. Creating and delivering on a Logo or Identity that best suits the needs and core ideas of a client is always the most important element.

UI / UX Design

As the Creative Director of Find Me Ink, the bulk of my design work has been applied to the Mobile App, along with early concepts and layout for the desktop website (currently in redesign). Find Me Ink has been an incubator that has allowed me to have full control over the design process and has given me the tools to test and monitor what our users access and how they access them. 

With a simplistic and modern approach, designing UI has always been a rewarding challenge and one that I continue to grow from.